About Us


In the dynamic heart of London, a city humming with a blend of cultures and creative chaos, a distinctive rhythm exists. Amid the graffiti-marked walls, under the vibrant neon lights, and within the pulsating energy of the underground hip-hop scene, a unique and authentic concept was born: NO FUGAZI.

The year was 2022, and the masterminds behind this creation were three lifelong friends, born and bred in London. Immersed in the city's effervescent music culture, they danced to the untamed beats, rhymed with the pulsating rhythm, and were passionate about the raw spirit of their city's voice. They saw an uncharted territory where the vibrant energy of their music could intertwine with the timeless allure of jewellery. Driven by this vision, they gave life to NO FUGAZI.

"Fugazi", an Italian-American term, is typically used to describe something that's fake. Yet, our founders took this word and flipped it on its head, turning it into a defiant commitment to authenticity. NO FUGAZI became a loud, clear, and daring declaration against the counterfeit, a mantra for those who value genuine expression over imitation.

NO FUGAZI is more than jewellery; it's about capturing the raw spirit and unique style that defines London. Crafted by artisans with an intimate understanding of the city's heartbeat, each piece is designed to mirror the beats, rhymes, and life inherent to London. From gold chains that resonate with lyrical echoes to statement rings infused with the city’s grit, NO FUGAZI offers a wearable medley of urban style and truth.

But NO FUGAZI's commitment goes beyond style. As children of London, the founders understand the need to give back to their city. A percentage of each sale is channeled back into local initiatives and programs aimed at empowering the city's youth, fostering the growth of the music scene that inspired the brand.

NO FUGAZI is for those who live by the rhythm of the streets, who crave authenticity, and who aren’t afraid to tell their own story. It's for those who bear the pulsating heartbeat of the city within them. In a world brimming with fugazis, dare to stand out, dare to be real.

This is your story. This is your city. This is NO FUGAZI. Wear your truth.

We're not just a jewellery brand, we're a defiant cry against the counterfeit. NO FUGAZI is a testament to authenticity, an echo of the rhythm of London's streets crafted into wearable pieces. We intertwine the vibrant energy of our city's music scene with the timeless allure of jewellery. Each piece is a verse in the city's story, designed to let you wear your truth. Born in London, we proudly reinvest in our city, fostering the growth of the music scene that inspired us and empowering our city's youth. This is NO FUGAZI: authentic, bold, unapologetically real."